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Entertainment Law

As the world’s attention turns to Hollywood South and the wealth of talent in Louisiana, the attorneys at Provosty & Gankendorff have become the go-to legal resource for the entertainment industry in New Orleans. The reasons include our familiarity with agency, TV and film production, recording contracts, publishing agreements, and our expertise covers copyrights, trademarks, merchandising and tax-credit laws.

For individual entertainers and media personalities – from musicians to actors to athletes, from visual artists to best-selling writers to celebrity chefs – Provosty & Gankendorff offers cost-effective legal services tailored to their careers and ambitions. We count established entertainers among our clientele, but we especially enjoy helping up-and-comers who need advice and legal protection as their careers progress. With Provosty & Gankendorff on their side, our clients know they will earn fair compensation for their talents so they can focus on their art.

As for many film companies and TV production firms doing work in Louisiana, Provosty & Gankendorff assists them with navigating Louisiana’s tax credits (which can then be applied to our services). Our out-of-state clients also see us as a local partner and resource who provides them with a network of Louisiana CPAs, brokers, and industry professionals. Provosty & Gankendorff assists entertainment companies with distribution and contract negotiations, and we work with other entities in the industry such as talent buyers, booking agents, management companies, event producers and music venues.

Provosty & Gankendorff also serves as legal counsel to entertainment companies and individuals who are involved in litigation in Louisiana whether in intellectual property matters or contractual disputes. Provosty & Gankendorff’s knowledge of Louisiana law is an invaluable resource to entertainment clients who seek to protect and defend their rights in front of Louisiana courts.

Our legal services include:

  • Intellectual property – Helping musicians, filmmakers, and other content creators and owners protect their intellectual property through copyrights, trademarks and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Entertainment contracts – Creating, interpreting and enforcing contracts for artists, talent agencies, management companies, publishers, recording studios, music distributors, digital and new media companies, TV and film producers, actors, directors, event producers, performance venues, art galleries, and others.
  • Merchandising – Drafting and negotiating merchandising agreements and celebrity endorsements, licensing and branding, and resolving merchandising and endorsement disputes.
  • Royalties and residuals – Negotiating contracts and pursuing claims involving the payment or non-payment of royalties and residuals.
  • Tax credits – Applying for, processing, and negotiating sound recording, sound recording infrastructure, and film tax credits.